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Michael Bahn is a prolific singer/songwriter who serves as pastor of worship and administration at River Valley Church (RVC) in Grants Pass, Oregon. Along with multiple albums of his own original music, he’s worked with numerous notable national artists, including Lincoln Brewster, Logan Martin, Chris & Conrad, Phil Stacey, Don Moen, Brandon Bee, Kate White, and Brothers McClurg.

Michael recently recorded and released his fourth album entitled “Before Our King” December 2015 featuring his new single “Rejoice” coming out in time for Christmas.

In addition to his ministry at RVC, Michael travels extensively, encouraging and equipping church leaders around the world. He values shepherding people through worship as they approach the heart of the Father, and teaching leaders as they seek to be more effective in laying down their lives in ministry.

For his international work, Michael is a partner with A.C.T. International in Nashville, TN. He’s had a specific ministry focus in Italy where many of his songs have been translated into Italian, which he’s been able to learn and record for those Christians.

Michael is married to his high school sweetheart, Jannelle, and they have three children: Austin, Adriana and Alesia.

“Two important Scriptures that’ve served as life creeds for me are Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11. The Proverbs passage reminds us all to trust God when we cannot see, and lean not on what we alone can understand, but know that God can see all, and is in control. The Jeremiah passage comforts us with the message that indeed God has a plan for us—a plan for our good, not for our harm, a hope-filled plan and a future. I pray that these Scriptures might bring you the same peace, comfort and assurance that they’ve brought me.” -Michael Bahn

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God Works In All Things

Several years ago, I was in the country of Italy traveling with a fellow musician and dear friend named Brandon Bee. (He is amazing by the way! You should check out his music!) We had been invited to give an outdoor concert at a festival in a large park in Rome! We were very excited for this opportunity! (more…)

2016 / 09 / 09
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How I Got Started

It was the summer after my junior year in high school. I was convinced that I had found the love of my life, and I was praying that we would be together forever. In fact, I was on a family vacation in Georgia, and since cell phones and texting were not very common at that time, I was writing and mailing old-school love letters to this amazing girl. (more…)

2016 / 09 / 09
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Live For You Video

Watch the music video for ‘Live For You’ from Michael Bahn. (more…)

2015 / 03 / 12
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