God Works In All Things

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Several years ago, I was in the country of Italy traveling with a fellow musician and dear friend named Brandon Bee. (He is amazing by the way! You should check out his music!) We had been invited to give an outdoor concert at a festival in a large park in Rome! We were very excited for this opportunity!

The day finally came, and we were waiting to be picked up by our host and taken to the concert venue. The problem was it was raining pretty hard! Well, I mean it was raining so hard it was like the Pacific Ocean was put in a very large bowl and dumped out all at once over Rome! Trust me when I say, “IT WAS RAINING!” So our host called us and said we should stay where we were, and that they would push back the start time until the rain stopped. Then they would come get us. Well, it kept raining, and kept raining and kept raining. After 4 or 5 hours went by, we were getting worried that our concert in Rome was not going to happen. Then, we finally received another call from our host. It was a call to confirm that our concert was NOT going to happen and that the festival had been CANCELLED!

Friends, that’s the life of a professional musician. You write songs, you rehearse, you travel a great distance at your own expense for an opportunity that ends up being cancelled because of something like RAIN! Hmm…bummer! But you know, it is really what we all deal with in many aspects of our lives whether we are in music or not. Life does not always go according to our plans. I have discovered that we are defined by who are and how we respond when things don’t work out as we had hoped. What do we do then? And who will we be?

Honestly, my friend Brandon and I complained and bummed it for a little while. But then, something magical happened. The shutters on our room window were open, and as we reflected on our situation, we listened to and stared at the rain pouring down outside. The blowing stormy air smelled fresh as it came in our window and the sound of water pounding down was making a music all of it’s own. In that moment, I turned to Brandon and said, “Hey, have you been working on writing any songs lately?”

That question began a songwriting session that produced one of our most favorite songs that has now been published, recorded, shared and sung in many parts of the United States and has also been translated, recorded and sung all throughout Italy! How crazy is that! And we have the memory of that magical day that started out as a disappointment but turned into destiny and a huge blessing for us and all who have ever heard that song. It makes me mindful of the fact that we shouldn’t despise the moments when we are let down and feel things haven’t gone our way. Perhaps a great blessing is waiting if we embrace the moment and go with the flow.

I want you to hear the song we wrote on that rainy day in Italy several years ago. My friend Brandon recorded it, and I liked his version so much I asked permission if I could put it on my latest album. The song is called “Remain (Emmanuel)” and it is the final track on my latest release entitled “Before Our King.” Click here to listen to it and check out the rest of the album as well.

Again, thank you so much for sharing a few moments of life with me and for taking interest in my world. If you need someone to pray for you, please respond to this email and let me know. I would be honored to pray!

God bless you and take care,


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